How have your music/radio/podcast listening habits changed over the last 2 years?

Today’s the first RAJAR survey of UK radio listening habits since the pandemic begun.

A few weeks ago, I moved the podcast app to the bottom of my phone replacing Spotify, which is a big shift for me but I tend to reach for podcasts when I can’t sleep or go on a walk.

Listening to music has felt strange with no festivals to goto and bands to investigate. Same with gigs, a lot of my listening to catalogues to get hyped before a gig has gone. There’s also felt like fewer big event albums and the few records I’ve really connected with I’ve listened to obsessively (Gia Margaret, Laura Marling. Hayley Williams, Olivia Rodrigo and Phoebe Bridgers were the main ones)

My radio listening changed massively, especially as I left working at 6 Music. Found myself as one of the people who flocked to LBC to try to make sense of how to process the pandemic, government chaos, etc. Often hearing the worst opinions around the culture wars can help you understand why people are so angry too. I know, because of how he used to be, James O’Brien has a bad rep on these forums but I’ve found his show a really important part of my days and has helped me get through endless lockdowns and shielding to protect my clinically vulnerable loved ones.

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Maybe a little more radio as background noise, but still about 95% Spotify streamed from my phone through a Bose mini soundlink 2 speaker

I listened to the radio daily in the first lockdown, it was brilliant to have the voice of the presenters in the kitchen with me. Never really bothered with the radio until then.

Podcats wise I stopped listening to true crime stuff as I didn’t want anymore bleakness, and I’ve not really picked that back up since.

No change musically (still listening to the same 15 songs I have been since 2009 lol)


Still don’t listen to the radio or podcasts.
I probably listen to more music now, due to working from home. I used to go to about 50+ gigs a year, but probably only about 3 or 4 in total since the pandemic so far. That’s not stopped me still discovering and listening to new music though, even if I don’t get the buzz of seeing the new bands play live. Spotify discover/release radar and the weekly release threads on these threads have been great - I love Fridays for the various releases to attempt to go through, even if they come around too quickly.

Hardly listen to podcasts at all now I’m mostly working from home, whereas I would previously listen to them on the train to work.

Radio listening went up during the first lockdown (found it quite comforting as someone else has mentioned above) but then dropped off again after a friend moved in as I don’t want to impose my listening habits on him when he’s in.

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Never listened to the radio anyway and I only listen to a handful of podcasts, none of which were related to music to begin with. I haven’t added any podcasts to rotation, but I have dropped a couple (Elis James and John Robins one and Films To Be Buried With)

With music, I am WFH permanently now so it has been a good opportunity to explore and listen to new music much more frequently then I was able to before. The problem is when I’m working, music is background so a lot of what I hear doesn’t sink in but I have started using the liking function on Spotify so if I hear something that has potential or I know I would like on repeat listens, add it to there and I can revisit later

What has been a gamechanger is a few months ago, Spotify on desktop introduced a feature where if you go on an artists profile, you can see what user created playlists they are in. This has been brilliant for finding similar things


I’m picking songs up less from being out and about and more from TV/Spotify algorithms/DiS. I am listening to more new releases as I’ve had more time on my hands/have been alone more often, although mostly in bursts towards the end of the year as the sheer weight of new releases is overwhelming. last year was the first year I ever paid attention to the end of year list cycle, which led me to Rina Sawayama, and I recently did a shameless thread where I asked DiSers to recommend albums based on my personal taste. (It’s been pretty successful, I’ve not really disliked any of the albums and I’ve picked up some albums I’d like to get for Christmas).

Because I’m mostly WFH now, I’m using Spotify more than ever before and really making the most of my Premium subscription. It was always the first thing I cancelled if I overspent but now I would struggle without it, although I still prefer to use my iPod when I’m out and about as it allows me to disconnect from the online world briefly and saves my poor overworked phone battery.

As a result of various pandemic circumstances I now live alone and have my CD player and collection in my flat, so I’ve been revisiting albums when cleaning or cinematically brooding on the sofa. As a result I have a greater impulse to find and buy new albums, getting quite agitated when artists don’t release albums in CD format (one day I’m going to crack and pay £25 for a Japanese import version of Hot Pink). Materialism climate change etc etc but I try to buy second hand where possible. I love CDs and having a permanent, physical library at my disposal, it also encourages me to spend more time with albums I like and not just listening to the highlights like I would on Spotify.

I listened to a podcast for a week or so but then I got bored. I’m just not a podcast person (not that it stops me producing a good one at work). The radio basically doesn’t exist in my life either.


Hasn’t really changed much. Don’t listen to podcasts, 95% is just streaming stuff from Spotify. The majority of that is new releases picked up from the threads here. Probably listening to slightly more as wfh but I would often have my headphones in all day in the office anyway.

Made a few attempts to find a radio station to listen to over the last year but nothing ever really quite hits what I want. There’s a “community” station here but most of the shows are students playing “a fresh mix of rustic folk and cosmic jazz” or whatever. My pal does a show sometimes on one of those cool London online stations which I listen to sometimes, but it isn’t usually in work hours. I think maybe I’m just not a radio person tbh.

With working from home most days, and then very few people in the office when I do come in, my listening habits have changed loads. I now have music on pretty much constantly, and it’s mainly Spotify and vinyl. I listen to 6music for about 10 minutes in the morning while I have a coffee, but that’s about it for weekday daytime radio. Saturdays is Five Live, then Sundays was Amy Lame and Tom Robinson, with Guy Garvey in there sometimes, but it’s just sport and Tom Robinson now.

I’ve always tried to have some kind of structure around music listening, otherwise I’d just listen to Radiohead, Elbow and The National all the time. I’ve been in an “album club” with a few friends for about five years now, where we listen to three albums a week - one from this year, one from 10/20 years ago and one from 30/40 years ago. I’ve kept that going, but have also embarked on a few others with different friends - one with a different theme each week, others where we’ve gone through back catalogues of artists (Bowie, PJ Harvey, Bjork, Manics) by doing one or two albums a week. And then I’ve joined in the listening clubs in here (Mogwai, Springsteen, The Cure). And I went through the Pitchfork 1960s list last year too.

At one point, I had about 15 albums a week to listen to through the various clubs/projects/whatever. That got a bit much, especially as stuff started to reopen, so now it’s down to about 7, which is much more manageable and gives me more chance to listen to other stuff that takes my fancy.

Fridays are now all about new releases, which they never used to be before lockdown. I make a playlist of all the albums that are recommended here and on the Piccadilly Records mailout, then stick that on shuffle for the day/until I get bored.

Podcasts are for when I can be arsed to go for a run.

So yeah, changed loads.

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Stopped all podcasts and most radio in favour of an obsessive compulsion to listen to all the new music, so I now listen to pretty much exclusively Spotify and maybe 75‰ of the time or more I’m listening to current year, mostly current month and current week releases. I’m amazed at how much there is every week that I really enjoy, just how much I missed that I would have liked when I wasn’t listening to eight new jazz records and five new rap mixtapes every week, but I’ll never catch up if I go backwards, can just about keep up going forwards.

Listened to 6music pretty much all day for the forst maybe four months of lockdown then the playlist tunes got far too much for me and I had to pack it in. Now I only listen to certain shows through BBC Sounds when I feel like it.

Used to listen to 1 - 2 hours of podcasts daily depending on what methods I was using to get in and out of work. Now it’s probably just one or sometimes two podcasts a week.

I do all my music listening during working hours. According to last year was the most music I’d ever listened to and I’ve already comfortably beaten that total this year.

I really really really dislike podcasts. I can’t seem to fit them into my daily life at all anymore, now I’m not driving anywhere. I like to read on the train if I am commuting, and I can’t read at the same time as listening to people talk, and there are no good music ones I like consistently. Funny, for someone who has/had a music podcast eh.

I listen 50% on Spotify and 50% on Apple Music.

I’ve struggled to find a decent music one and tempted to launch one (again)


One I do really like is Shirley Manson’s twist on Song Exploder. Some really lovely and illuminating interviews

Bought a hifi system and now I have a lot more vinyls.

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Radio is on as my alarm, otherwise have ditched 6 as its listenability is completely dictated by the playlist. If there’s something I like on there I don’t want to listen to it or I’ll be sick of the song by the time the record comes out, if I don’t like it then I don’t want to listen to it because I don’t like it. Hmm!

Otherwise been able to buy lots more records now am no a student any more.

Podcasts are exclusively football podcasts and I listen to them when I run and when I cook and when I shower ONLY

Don’t listen to the radio. Only the very occasional podcast but wouldn’t mind finding a couple on film and music if anyone has any recommendations.

Quit Tidal this year after 11+ years of various streaming subscriptions. Don’t miss it but it has in the last decade been a really important way to reconnect with music so it’s served it’s purpose. Now use IBroadcast as my main on the go listening. Use Roon at home. Buy far too many records, very occasional cd and even a few tapes (I know but if it’s the only physical format option it’s my way of supporting an artist).

Pando definitely impacted my listening, just not as much opportunity to listen and I’ve definitely narrowed the breadth of music to a safety zone of what I know I’ll like. Just don’t have the headspace to mentally challenge myself as much on my tastes.

how does this work? do you upload your music to the cloud? or does it stream from your PC library?

i use subsonic to do something similar, but that streams from my PC so requires it to be on pretty much constantly

Uploads to the cloud so the initial upload takes an age - have my music on an old laptop so just left it running for a few days. After that you can just update when you add new stuff and it is quick.

Has all worked great since I started using it.

Music app isn’t great but is perfectly fine.

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