How hot is your house?

How is your abode coping then?

Our kitchen Is currently 28 degrees

Bonus points for novelty thermometers

Not got a thermometer and it’s doing my fucking head in


Same absolutely fuming.

Downstairs (hall)

Upstairs (our bedroom)

Send help

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It’s creeping up…

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Reckon thats about the coolest place in the house as well

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Figured it out. My radiator turns on at 27.5 so it must be 27

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At first I thought it was 30 but I was holding the probe

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28 downstairs noticeably warmer upstairs

My thermostat says 27 degrees but my thermostat is a malfunctioning prick that made my flat like a furnace over Christmas when I set it to run at a very low temperature while I was away :frowning:


My battery in my thermometer is dead but almost always 16 degrees, feels like its gone up to about 18 today but cool enough that i was working under my duvet no bother

Don’t know but I’m fine. Put a sweatshirt on earlier. Apparently it’s 31 degrees outside but I haven’t been out today.

Just been up to our bedroom and it’s like a million degrees on the top floor. Not sleeping up there tonight.

That’s the idea surely! I’d hate to think I’ve had all the doors and windows shut today for nothing.

27 in our hall, still about 35 outside.

29 at the front
24 at the rear
Noticeably cooler in the bathroom…
Can I sleep in the bath :thinking:

It’s a bit toasty in the conservatory (yes, I know I’m bourgeois).


Ours is a fly infested furnace

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25 in our hall, 35 outside.

Had all windows and blinds closed since 7am & only just turned on a fan in the living room.

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Really want to open y windows now