How hot is your house?

I’m keeping everything shut. Might have a couple of glasses of glasses of Pinot Grigio outside in a hour though.

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I’ve actually just come back from a quick bike trip to water some of the allotment. Borderline whether that was a good or bad idea. Rewarding myself with a beer.

Disappointed by the lack of novelty thermometers guys

Mrs f has one in one of her greenhouses that only shows the last digit of the temperature. So it was “8” a bit earlier


Didn’t even know they were a thing :sweat_smile: will have to look out for one next trip I take

Dropping a bit now

Sorry about the manky thermometer it’s from the greenhouse

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We’ve got another very fetching one from Cyprus that has a donkey on it

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I’ve been sleeping in the living room since Friday. Best thing I’ve done all year.

Well I’m disappoint that your OP wasn’t

How hot is your house?
Is your house
How hot is your house
I really need to know


30 downstairs.

34.2 in my bedroom

33.8 in shade in garden
42 in the veg patch

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Gotta say, setting the thermostat to 105 is a bold move.


Earlier when I had the fan on in the bedroom it was 29 (the fan has a thermometer)

At a guess I think it’s probably 28 in the living room and 27 in the bedroom now the sun’s moved round


Spare room. Very glad to not be working in the evenings this week

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Currently 26.5 in the living room (the coolest room of our house).

It’s probably pushing 30 degrees in my little box room where I am working now.


11:00 temp check…



Cellar :snowman_with_snow:

Conservatory :fire:

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Georg Jensen thermometer - very classy!

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Don’t have a thermometer
Got the fan on - it’s fine!

Ignore the time I cba fixing it but just now.

Bloody pensioners and insulating houses before they sell them.


up from 28 yesterday