How hot should microwaves get?


Not inside, like, but, you know around them?

I didn’t grow up with a microwave, but not I have one, and last night I noticed being near it seemed kind of warm, and the top and front were quite warm to the touch (not burning hot, but very noticeable). Is that bad?


something about being roasting on the outsides and still frozen in the middle


Sounds like it’s not very well (thermally) shielded. Is it old?

Microwaves don’t heat the air, so you’re either feeling heat radiating from the food inside, or from the electrics.


hot enough to cook the food i reckon there pal.


Science hot


It’s only a year or so old, but was the cheapest one available on Amazon. I believe it’s a Daewoo.


And the thing inside was a sealed tupperware bowl for steam sterilising baby bottles.


Maybe it’s extremely humid where he microwaves?


It’s probably just shit then.


Is it dangerous? Shit I can cope with, filling me with tumours, not so much.


Microwaves manufacturers claim that they need a stupid amount of ventilation space around them, to the extent that it would just sit in the middle of your worktop.

I don’t believe that.


Mine is pretty close to the wall, with a cabinet right above it too.


I’m not going to marckee this, but I highly, highly doubt that air at even 100% humidity is going to have a high enough concentration of water that stray microwaves from a domestic microwave could noticeably heat the air.


It could be dangerous if it’s an electrical fault, but otherwise no.


Well that’s reassuring. Cheers big ears.


If I’m wrong and you die, please don’t haunt me on the toilet.


Oh I’ve just read this. Is there enough water in there? Microwaves fry themselves if there’s no microwave absorber (i.e. water) in them.


this doesn’t sound like a real science thing


There should be the recommended 200ml, but I shall double check to make sure it hasn’t boiled off or whatever.


Try it and see for yourself.