How hot

  • Way too hot
  • Too hot
  • A little bit too hot
  • Fine
  • Cold actually
  • Unresponsive to changes in temperature
  • I am a snake

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The air conditioning is broken. This is a steel-roofed building. You could fry a stinky egg on my feet (but please don’t).

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Don’t go outside: way too many people in Cambridge today. making it even hotter.

That’s fine, I’ve retreated to quasi-rural Hertfordshire. Fewer people, but more magical stones.

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I work in a metal building. Theres no air con and I’ve been shifting heavy things around a lot today. I am 19st 7lb and covered in hair. It’s safe to say that I am too hot.

I’ve seen the selfie thread: you’re all scorching.

I don’t want to put too fine a point on this, but gusset sweatiness is now approaching critical levels.

I’m in an air-conditioned building until 4.45pm, and it’s kind of cold in here

@epimer and @thewarn (@thewarm !!! lol)

Did you know that there’s a planned Extinction Rebellion protest in Cambridge tomorrow? It’s more FAO of Eps as you have weekend plans in the city.

I did thank you, 'er indoors spotted it, but thanks for flagging it up.

Nice day for it.

:musical_note: say that it’s only wee in your gusset
make a little squirt out of your hole :musical_note:

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Jesus. Time to go home.


It’s so hot I poured McDonald’s coffee on my lap to cool down.

I like heat, give me all the heat (except not really because climate change is killing the planet)

I reckon I’m a 7/10.

Little bit above average looking. Thanks for asking.

Just got off the Central Line, so currently dropping from ‘furnace’ down to ‘roasting’