How hungry are you



out of ten?

can also talk about what you will / would like to eat in the immediate future if you are so inclined


I am at an 8 point 5


About a four, but I’ve already had lunch and have no food available until dinner tonight, so this could get pretty, pretty rough.


2/10, just had lunch, have a banana and pack of nuts sat here for afters, but will leave them till after my upcoming



Am warming a pizza up in the oven, see: Wednesday thread


o - matron!


what kind of nuts are we talking about here?


very. Still not gone for lunch yet, will do shortly



Just got lunch though (veg and mozza wrap)


It’s this thing. Didn’t think I’d be a fan, but it’s pretty, pretty good. Part of the snacks and shit my office provides:


Looks like it should be exclusive to Intersport.


-1/10, I ate too much.


Currently eating aforementioned pizza, so now down to about 5/10


Just had lunch. Could still eat. 710

Want something sweet


how did the warm up work out?


Good! Just bunged it in the oven for ~15 minutes or so on a pizza tray



has lunch about an hour and a half ago: mongolian beef from the cafe, really bloody nice, plus a handful of pringles

will have a banana at 3

dinner is some kind of chorizo and butterbean (or maybe chickpea) stew and i’ve already decided we’re having wine with it


0/10 just finished a delicious lunch.