How important to you are gigs

I’ve always loved music, it’s been my job in various guises for over 20years and I anticipate that by next year I will have over 5000,albums in my collection.

However, I have never been that fussed about going to gigs. I go to them but nowhere near the amount that my contemporaries or a lot of you guys on here do. Also once I have seen a band and in theory ‘ticked them off’ would likely never bother again. Been asking myself lately as to why.

Is it similar to what Andy Partridge of XTC suggests when asked why he doesn’t tour “you wouldn’t ask Picasso to get up on stage and re:paint his pictures”. I:e the music is never as good as on the record.

Or is it that to me music is a personal experience, meant to be heard at home, on my ipod etc rather than in a room full of strangers.

Anyone feel similar or have any thoughts?

Be interested to know.

Used for be quite important to me. 3 or 4 a week for about 4 years, and used to travel a fair whack to get to some (south coast to Birmingham and back in an evening a couple of times).

But since the beginning of 2015, excluding festivals, I’ve been to 3 gigs (will be 4 on Thursday). Life gets in the way, and other things take priority over them. Actually not that worried about it now. Would like to get to more but that’s how it is now.

Love going to gigs and have loved going since I first went to see the pet shop boys 30years.
Have seen certain bands/artists loads of times because here so good live and are always mixing it up, and for me music sounds better live, it’s much easier to tweak and redo in a studio, there’s no real hiding live.
Live is for me where you see the band at their purest I guess.
Absolutely fucking love live music, one of the truly great things in life!!


Pretty much this but since 2011. I used to fo to 3 or 4 gigs a week, but buying a house, moving a little further out from London and friends settling down and having kids affected that.

I did try going to more gigs on my own, but it wasn’t for me. I now average around 5 gigs a year. Although my eldest nephew wants me to start taking him to a few gigs, so I’ll be the cool Uncle.

Live music can be amazing. There’s something about a shared experience you can’t beat. Similar with dance music events with DiS.

I can get emotional as well. The last time I saw an act I loved I got goose bumps and tears in my eyes when they began.

If live music is not for you then reasons won’t really make much sense.


Whilst some music doesn’t translate that well live, there have been plenty of tracks I’ve been fairly indifferent to on release that I’ve ended up loving because of versions I’ve seen bands/people play. Seeing a band once for me also isn’t likely going to do it- seen enough bands often enough to recognise the differences between them having good and bad nights/differences in quality because of the PA, etc. Also gigs are generally a snapshot of what the band’s been doing recently plus a few older tunes- if their next album had some great tracks, I’d want to see how those sounded live.

Quite important, it’s how I know all my pals. I’m less inclined to do multiple dates on one tour these days than when I was younger, though.

I used to love going to gigs but then I moved to London.


on more than one occasion going to see a band has been what got me to like them, or appreciate the album better than before I’d seen them play stuff from it
also have mates I only see at gigs & mates I’ve met through going to gigs
been going to them for over 30 years now & not likely to stop any time soon

(also xtc were great live by all accounts & it was only when he came off the valium so suddenly that he got his stage fright & stopped playing live - pretty sure the rest of the band would happily have kept touring)

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Always be important. The amount I go will fluctuate, but it’s something i’ll always do, even it its a handful of gigs a year.

Lots of parallels with football watching for me. There have been stages in my life where I would go obsessively and arrange weekends around it. It’s often very disappointing, but once in a while you’ll go and think “Yes. That’s why I still bother”.

Depends on the act. If it’s something where a communal experience is going to heighten the music then yeah, it’s meaningful (idk about important but it has a lot of value to me). It’s also a chance to see mates (different crew depending on the artist).

I probably go to 10 gigs a year but I pick and choose quote carefully and if I know the act isn’t exactly sizzling live then I tend to avoid unless I love 'em and don’t care.

Having a load of beers and losing your shit with a load of people is great isn’t it?

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Keep reading this as “how important are you to gigs?”


In answer to your question, though: we don’t really get to that many gigs these days. It’s something Mrs CCB and I used to like to do together but with parenthood and all that it’s pretty tricky to arrange (nearest gigs are in Cambridge and so we need to find someone willing to babysit til we get back at 11.30pm-midnightish).

That said, I’ve really enjoyed the few gigs I’ve been to in the past few years. I enjoy them in a different way to when I was younger (for example, I really like having a seat at a gig!) but there’s still something really special about hearing songs live. Plus a good number of my favourite acts (Low, Sufjan etc) happen to be especially good in concert.

It may help that I only go to about 5 or 6 a year so they are still special for me.

Probably the most important form of music to me, more so than recorded music, to the extent I sometimes struggle to get into a new artist if I know that I won’t have the opportunity to see them live.

Since having kids, definitely don’t have as much time to do as many things with the TV as we used to (theatre/cinema visits and non-child friendly meals have dropped off a cliff) but the one thing that we both still make time for is gigs. Expensive business now with additional cost of babysitting, and this tends to mean that we only go to stuff that we REALLY are into which means that most gigs are fairly exciting. Probably only go to a couple per month with the TV these days, plus a couple of festivals each summer, and maybe one per month with mates, but that keeps things ticking over nicely.

Think that gigs have been basically my favourite thing ever since my first one (Anthrax in 1990)…


Gigs were everything to me from 2002-10ish but getting a bit older they’ve become less important and now much prefer club nights or just going to the pub. I’ve also seen nearly everyone I want to see which probably has something to do with it.

Gigs are still important to me. I find that I quite often don’t enjoy them (don’t do well in crowded spaces). But when they are good, there’s nothing better - the interaction with the band and the shared euphoria with other fans is something that you can’t get on your own, and more than makes it worthwhile.

Took me a long time to accept I don’t really like gigs. I’ve enjoyed plenty, but in genera I don’t like waiting around. I don’t like crowds. I don’t like boring new material. I don’t like overpriced drinks. I don’t like my legs getting tired. Now I have a kid I imagine it will be a very long time before I spend an evening out on a gig.

I’m a grumpy sod though.

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Absolutely love gigs, really bonded with all my friends (and gf) through live music. As others have said upthread, there’s occasions where everything just clicks and it becomes my favourite form of entertainment.

However, they’re so bloody expensive that I am really having to cut down these days.

Probably too important. I’ve 12 gigs booked this month alone.