How important to you is Greggs?


Get the odd sausage cob when I’m working on a weekend, but I could get by without it


Very rarely get anything from Greggs. It upsets me a bit tbqh.


It’s more that I’m not important to Greggs tbh, there isn’t one anywhere near anywhere I go so they obviously don’t want my custom.


I like wenzels




There’s a Greggs between the station and my office and whilst I have been in once, to browse, I am yet to purchase anything from there.

As I’m still fully alive and functioning, I can only surmise that I can live without it and clearly, they can live without me.

Pretty content all round with that tbqh.


I prefer a sandwich to a warm, greasy pasty.

It’s true.


Went yesterday. There’s one about 30 seconds from my flat which is convenient when I’m hungover.

I could survive without it, but it’s comforting to know that it’s there.


Yeah, I could get by without it, but I’ll pop in occasionally


Not very.

I’ll have the occasional sausage roll or chicken pasty, maybe once a month at the most. Wouldn’t miss it if all 9000 of them vanished from Nottingham.


Since they got rid of their Chicken New Orleans sandwich, less so.

Still love their fudge donuts and their pineapple cakes are among the best.


There’s a Pound Bakery near me that does cheesburger pasties.

Sometimes i think to myself that i should just go there every day and spend £2 on my lunch, but i always end up going to a supermarket and spending £7ish. It’s only pennies, and i’d rather enjoy something every day than have a grand at the end of the year, but it is excessive.


Probably go in one maybe once a month? So a good 5/10, would cry if they burnt down.


kept seeing the advert for the katsu wrap about town, but when I went in there and asked them they had no idea what I was talking about


A Greggs sausage roll used to be my go to solution to arriving at work with a hangover. And there’s always the exquisite jeopardy in rolling the dice and finding out if you get a deliciously hot one with the fat running out like molten lava or a really flaccid cold one with a burned bit.

But astonishingly there are no Greggs in North Greenwich. They’re missing a trick, they’d fit right in.


“Cats who rap?!”


Tried to get a yum yum from Greggs the other day. They were closed, so I had to get four yum yums from the Waitrose next door instead.

This is a neat analogy for the arc of my life in general.


had to



They’re like greggs but in nw london only apparently, was gutted when I went to uni and found out it wasn’t a nationwide thing