How influential are you?


Here are the top 100 influential people

Where do you rank? We can limit it to the uk if you like but I couldn’t be arsed to find a UK list.

There are around 38 million adults in the UK.

So between 1 (most influential) and 38million (least influential) where are you? I’m not sure I can make this any clearer.





I’m actually 101st, very narrowly missed out on making the list


Bet you really lord it over the remaining 921,889 as well.

(did not use a calculator)


=anyone on here -1


You bet your sweet arse I do!


Won it back in 2006. All downhill since then.


Define " influential".

The Time list is pretty bizarre, full of Americans no one outside the US has ever heard of, like some obscure basketball player, an upcoming HBO actor and the governor of South Carolina. And including tax dodger Lewis Hamilton makes the list null and void.


Probably about 400th. Ant reads my tweets and he’s 101st so must be up there.


Within specific spheres* I am a SOCIAL NEXUS. But in the grand scheme of things, 0/Influential

*My house.


I had to do some training yesterday on fraud, bribery and corruption. I think whoever assigned me that training massively overestimated my influence.


My clout should not be underestimated.