How Innuendo-y Are You?

On a scale of one to ten, I’d give myself one.

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It’s all blow holes and flanges and stuff.

Really lovely stuff


Never, because it is awful and tedious

I had a glut of home grown cucumbers which I took into work to give out. Oh the laughs that were had.

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I had to get some nipples recently. I couldn’t say anything to Clive without getting an arched eyebrow in response.


Someone just said “get out of my drawers” to someone else at work
So I shouted back “not the first time you’ve heard that is it…”

The answer is very

Don’t like cucumbers would’ve told you to stick it up your arse m9

I like to slip some into my posts just to see who will be immature enough to comment on it

I’m struggling with this one, if I’m honest.

Yeah, ^This

I think innuendo can be quite funny…but too often it’s the last resort for unfunny people…and then they spend all their time looking for innuendo in all conversation. That kind of thing makes me not like innuendo.

I’m not buying that Agnew had no idea what he was doing… (potentially being Wolfcastled, though)

Maybe, but he plays it so straight that it’s still very good

Sounds a bit pissed off at the end?

Big man over the internet are you? You would have taken my cucumber and liked it! As it happens I wudnt have forced my cucumber on you so there wud have been no need for such a hostile response.
(I think this answers the innuendo question)