How International are You?

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Been to loads of countries and obsessed with learning about them (all aspects), and I’m a really bad Brit (hate fish and chips/tea/cooked breakfasts) but I’m entirely from the UK and can’t really speak any other languages.

pretty much the only things stopping me from leaving this island (Ale too).

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why does going to more places make you a better person?

I don’t like football so won’t be watching this I’m afraid.

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oh go on.

alright then, one min

fair enough but it’s kind of implied by the tone of all here and the giggs comment.

I’ve got Pitbull at the other end of the spectrum, mate.

Oh yeah i forgot about beer. Hate that too.

he’s a cheesy europop guy right?


Lived in 3 countries and spend most of my time abroad now, so I don’t know. Wish I could speak more languages.

I’m intercontinental…

…when I eat French toast.

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I’m intercontinental quite often but my wife makes me wear adult nappies to prevent embarrassment and mess.