How invested are you in the new Twirl adverts?

  • Very invested. Their relationship intrigues me.
  • Not invested at all. This is no way to sell chocolate.
  • What the fuck are you talking about?

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never seen anyone eat a Twirl

also what the fuck are you on about

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Twirls are weird. They’re just plain chocolate but manage to not be that nice.

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I like twirls

I enjoy the bags of mini twirls


Is this thread designed to take people’s chocolate-y attention away from the massive Reeses ads I’m getting on DiS this evening?

You get adverts on DiS?

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Really hate them


Is it going to be like that other series of adverts and in a few years it’s about their bellend son moving to uni and discussing Twirls with his wacky housemates


I know. And the little hearts are animated and floating up like bubbles.

Some really properly shit ads around at the moment
These Twirl ones do not bode well
Owen fucking Wilson on a sofa
That stupid Ikea lion

Advertising humour/“irreverence” is the worst


I’ve only seen the first one

Not going to watch the second

I’ve eaten many of them in my time as they are very good.

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Yeah, top 5 high street chocolate bar for me

Can we just all agree that the only good form of adverts are the ones where older people are discussing growing parnsips or lawn bowls and then inexplicably start talking about funeral plans.


Lot of character development. I think you should.