How is HMV still around?

I am guilty of becoming addicted to music and film streaming paying every month for Spotify and Netflix (how good was the new Ted Bundy Tapes documentary?!) but with more and more people choosing to access entertainment over the internet it makes me wonder how stores like HMV are still around? Surely there gap in the market has become so small it almost ceases to exist? Could someone please tell me how they are making a profit in this almost entirely digital era!?


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mate, best not to worry about the vagaries of retail trends and city centres imho


I dunno mate, but if I never need to know their opening times, I’ll be sure to look them up on!!!

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Pdfs and ebooks exist.
Who needs bookshops and libraries like?

Not noted bookrocker aficionado @saps that’s for sure!

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“Were you saying boo or boo-krocker?”
@saps : “I was saying ‘bookrocker!’”

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S’ok lads, I got this:



Can’t believe warny is being BRUTALLY TROLLED by spam :grin:

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Libs = Owned

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