How is it Monday again?

I got woken up before 6 by the seagull dawn chorus, which wasn’t my ideal start to the week. I hope you’re are starting better.

Thankfully it’s a relatively quiet start to the week coming up


Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Wish I didn’t feel so panicked about the removal of Covid restrictions, despite being double jabbed.

Was really looking forward to a safe return of live music. Now I’m feeling like I’m likely to become increasingly isolated in a world without masks, distancing, and precautions.

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It’s a tricky one, because there indisputably are dangers and risks with Covid, but they’ve very much been minimised thanks to vaccinations. And now the risks are lower, I don’t know how they relate to other illnesses that we accept readily. Is it more comparable to flu now? And has a flu outbreak ever stopped you from going to a gig?

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning @rob.orch @sean and @aboynamedgoo

I didn’t fall asleep until about 4am so feel shocking now and have a meeting in an hour. :sleeping: Hoping a shower will wake me up.


Day off today so obviously woke up at 6.15. Can’t go anywhere till my car is fixed tonight so a day of household jobs I guess.

Morning all!

Was awake at 5.30 because the dog was being sick.

Need to go shopping because I couldn’t be cba yesterday.

Will ride my biciclette for a bit when I get back and then got some general housework to crack on with this afternoon.

What a beautiful morning to send an irate e-mail to my landlord.


Just found out Midsommar is now on Netflix which possibly changes my plans radically


Had a (very good) vegan pastel de nata for first breakfast, who knew such wizardry existed? Meeting a pregnant pal for second breakfast, then spending the rest of the day mooching at my old stomping ground in and around Hackney. Only plans are to eat and drink nice things, and the weather looks like it’s on side :pray:


Morning morning

Having coffee, don’t think I have enough beans for another so that’s today’s priority

I also need to write my mid year review :face_vomiting:

“It’s been pretty shit, thanks x”

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Morning all!

I have tasks I need to complete this week but I’m not sure starting any of them today is a good idea.

I’ll probably relent slightly after I do the dishes and have another coffee.

I’m at home self isolating/ill but thanks to the magic of Teams I can still join the inset day!!

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I don’t think feeling anxious about ‘normality’ is an unusual thing.

We’ll all just be navigating it (or trying) the way we feel comfortable.

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Things I’ve discovered in past 24 hours:

:safety_pin: “punk” has forged a culture of childish selfishness

:mask: you’re only a few polite replies from a “punk” calling you a “mask shagger” whilst they refuse to engage in civil discourse

MORNING everyone, hi hi hi

back “at work” after a week off, and already actually enjoying it. jesus, is this was it is supposed to feel like?

anyway, my nerve pain has been shocking recently. I think i am due to have a consult with my pain clinic and the surgical team at some point soon, but i don’t know when that is going to happen.

CW: Pain and groins

It feels like someone’s ramming a dagger shaped firework sparkler right between my right testicle and, what i think is medically called the “barse”, ie the bit between your balls and your arsehole.

Anyway, going to hot water bottle it and stretch it as much as i can.

this is the first day of the school holiday where it’s pishing down really hard and i’m not available, so i expect my TV to be shattered and the kids to want to play Untitled Goose Game and Just Dance a lot.

It’s definitely reassuring to read that my feeling isn’t abnormal here as it feels on Twitter and listening to the media

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no thank you, i’ve already had breakfast