How is it not 5pm yet





you just desperate to find out if prince philip has died?


i just want to go home



that’s embargoed til june 31


think ima go at four


its 3 minutes to 5.


Oh poor you finishing at 5pm. 9-6 here.


ah, did som get that job in the buckingham palace pr department? good for him!


Final day of school today so time goes slowly everywhere. Treaclised time.


Is Phillip dead where you are?


genuinely thought oh it MUST be 4.45pm about 5 mins ago



I just had a pitta that claimed to have ancient grains. What a load of shite.


Boss working from home today. Bearing in mind he could, if he was arsed, tell if I sloped off an hour early.

  • Stay until five like you ought to
  • Why are you even asking

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Announcrd through the liner notes of the new My Vitriol album out that day.


ooh loads of breads say that these days don’t they

how old do you reckon is ancient?


It’s 5 pm somewhere



And is that grain ancient, the one in the bread or has that strain of bread been around for ages? Because I would wager a lot of shit has been round for quite a while.


Just booked a flight to arrive in Thailand. The airline’s suggested activity?

Too soon Thailand, too soon


this day is grinding like an analogy in a metaphor


Have to collect my new glasses from my opticians after work. Their office is in town, a twenty-five minute walk away. I clock off at five. Their office closes at half-five. Will I make it there in time?

  • Yes m9, you’re a fast walker, you can do it.
  • Don’t bother, pick them up tomorrow instead.

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