How is it not friday evening yet? It will be when you read this

Got a frankly amazing gold jumpsuit on, trying to get my hair big - going for a Tina Turner in Madmax vibe.

Having a lovely cava, going out to see some babes’n’hunks of dis and beyond - already sent far too many daft voice notes and its barely 5pm.



My getting ready wing man


So excited for dinner. Barely eaten owt all day.

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The best hair


Chilling a bit at home, making ramen, then out for friends bday drinks. Just a few of us but at a fav pub, gonna get nicely sloshed

And functional oven means drunk onion rings later!!

I need to work on getting massive roots/volume. Massively let the curl crew down by having a flat head. Might get into 80s hairspray

hairspray GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

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Been another long day down the mines, come home, showered and shaved and changed, hung up some laundry, made Mrs F some tea, fed the cat, now sat around waiting to go to my work party.

Yes! I saw a cute video of dolly parton and patty labelle the other day and i cant believe if i have hair stick up a bit I’m like omg too much!! But look at these absolute cuties and that volume :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Have such a crush on dolly here)


Looking excellent

Is my work do tonight but giving that it consists of driving back to work and paying for nibbles whilst being unable to drink (in the school hall, IKR) I’m giving it a miss and sitting with a takeaway later and some wine


Evening I am ill I have caught a cold from my Dad. So that means whiskey one shelf full to get through.


Tired, fed up, got a sore throat of sorts - not the usual sort but like swollen glands or something and it’s hurting my neck and throat.

Overjoyed to discover the chip shop that does orange chips pop up on deliveroo, so I’ve got masala cod, battered chips and donner fritters on the way for tea.

Had a good day at work. Had ramen for lunch and am now in my local bar having a pint or two. Prettty good.

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Getting ready to go out too.

It’s my works Xmas party and my fave work pals are mostly all going so it’s gonna be fun. The DJ better play my song requests that were added to the google doc last week or else I probably won’t do anything tbqh.

Had a lemon g&t and now having an Tenzing (energy drink) and G. Need to dry/style hair, put on lipstick, get dressed. In 22 mins. Can she do it? Yes she can!


So jel.

Putting a poorly babsie to bed and then continue my cross stitch, I suppose.

Your curls :heart_eyes_cat:

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Orange chips! Orange chips!


Just put baby to bed.
Now going to clean up and make a spag Bol
Then an early (ish) night maybe
I get a mini sleep in tomorrow so that’s cool!

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The new update for the current game that I’m playing obsessively goes live in, ooh, 17 minutes. Going to play it till I fall asleep in my massive gaming chair.

I don’t have a gaming chair, I have a tiny office-type chair with insufficient back, sack and crack support

Hello. I was meant to be out but instead I stayed home as I’m feeling very poorly and knackered. Judt hung up laundry and having a tea.