How is it only Mutti have the good tomatoes?

This is not a discussion about FRESH tomatoes. Obviously fresh tomato variance is completely different.

This is about the fact that using a bottle of Mutti Passata you can have a decent veggie (possibly meaty too but I’m not on meatbook) pasta sauce on the table inside 15 mins because their sauce comes with rich depth of flavour.

Passata doesn’t come in cans for reasons that I don’t fully understand, only bottles or tetra pak cartons.

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Are you suggesting i should have read the thread?!


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Either go for the mufti/curio level tins, or whatever the cheapest option is. Nothing in between

The mid-brand stuff like napolina is the real ripoff

Real Tom heads never buy chopped tins, get the whole tomatoes and then crush/blend as necessary

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Probably ‘Real Tom heads’ also don’t have busy lives and fussy kids to feed.

Canned tomatoes are fresh tomatoes in a can. They are of exactly the same quality.

Tinned tomatoes is a full time occupation!

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Just as different tomatoes are different so are different cans of tomatoes.

That’s not the point. The point is that whatever tomatoes you put in the can are fresh and come out of the tins fresh. It’s quite possible that Italian canned tomatoes make it to my kitchen fresher than the ones that come from our allotment, because it takes half an hour to walk home from the allotment.

Fresh or old, it’s the taste that matters.

Which is partly down to the variety, but also very much down to how fresh they are.

I would claim the amount of sun they receive while they ripen will also affect them.

Well you would.

I would posit that most tomatoes in tins from Italy probably get more sun than ones grown in Sydenham.

But the point here is that all those jars/cans from Waitrose and M&S etc say proudly that they’re using Italian tomatoes as does the Lidl one. But they are substantially more tart and less rich in flavour than the ones Mutti provides in its cans and passata jars.

I demand a blind taste test

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Feel free. Get a jar of mutti passata and compare it to other seed-free varieties.

I buy this, which also comes in cans

Cirio as second choice, mutti as third.

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I’m demanding you do it! I’m in the all tinned tomatoes are the same camp

I had never, in my entire life, considered this fact. And now it is all I can think about!

I don’t need to do it mate, you can taste it and smell the tartness when you open them.

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