How is showing a marathon or a 10k or whatever


On telly a thing?
Who the fuck sits down and puts on 3 hours of people running? It just doesn’t happen, does it? Absolutely nobody watches this shite


prefer it to cycling


Snickers now


Yeah, there’s not much in it, both utterly, utterly boring. Watching some amateurs run in Birmingham pips it for me though


if I could run 10k i’d want people to watch


As boring as cycling is, there’s a chance of crashes and probably something exciting happening - it’s like motorsport’s boring cousin

Running is basically cycling’s boring cousin


Just change the channel mate


It’s relaxing


Sometimes other people like different things to the things that you like, mate.


I agree, any kind of sport should be totally banned from terrestrial tv


Sometimes it’s a nice way of looking at the surroundings. Like London and that.