How is soap dispensed at your workplace?

  • Liquid soap from a wall-mounted dispenser (manual)
  • Liquid soap from a wall-mounted dispenser (automatic)
  • Foam soap from a wall-mounted dispenser (manual)
  • Foam soap from a wall-mounted dispenser (automatic)
  • Liquid soap from a bottle
  • Bar of soap
  • Tub of Swarfega
  • Bottle of Fairy liquid
  • I am expected to provide my own soap at work
  • This information is protected by a non-disclosure agreement
  • I don’t wash my hands at work
  • Other (please specify)

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Fuck me this is exciting, gonna struggle to do any work at all today


I’ve been saving it for a Friday for that exact reason


Other (automatic tap thing on the basin)


Gissa snap!

Why are you trying to pretend like anyone has any idea what the hell you mean?

I’m working from home and I think it’s generally bad form to take photos in a shared bathroom. Thanks

they recently changed the soap at our place. it now smells very nice.

When you are working from home you should answer the poll accordingly, unless there is a automatic tap thing on your basin at home I am considering you a liar.

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also i think there are a variety of dispensing methods dotted around the building

Could you spend the next 45 minutes or so thoroughly documenting them please?


They’re watering down the soap here, things are getting desperate

i think there are too many toilets for me to accurately complete this challenge unfortunately.

Where are you working? A toilet factory or something!

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I have watered down soap before but never at my workplace.

You queue up for your daily ration when you arrive

there are like six floors here a lot of toilets

Okay, so six floors, working on the assumption that each floor has a maximum of three toilets, even if each floor had different soap attributed to it I think this is a task that is eminently achievable in 45 minutes if you put your mind to it and come up with a firm gameplan.

The toilet I just went in at work had both a wall-mounted foam dispenser and a bottle of liquid soap.

The choice was too overwhelming so I returned to my desk with grubby fingers lmao jk

I carry the soap in a pouch in my cheek and extrude it each time I use the facilities.