How is your sneeze?



Some people have a massive sneeze, some people don’t.

I tried to abandon this hours ago because there’s probably a reason for people doing big sneezes but it won’t let me. So blame the site for any insensitivity and not me.


Probably 6/10 on the Sneezometer dB Scale™

Moves up to 8.5/10 if it’s my fourth or more in a row.


Mine is very loud and obnoxious, it runs in the family. My gran (RIP) used to sound like she was shouting HIROSHIMA.


have you ever had 8 in a row? apparently you jizz yourself silly


there’s always a cough involved when I sneeze, so it’s pretty loud


Awesome (in the true sense of the word)


Massive. Usually quite dry, but very loud. And very satisfying.


I was filling up the (ground white) pepper pots at my old job (hotel) a while back… easily two dozen. I can confirm no spaffing of pants was had that day.


not guffs, sneezes.


Sorry, I thought you said orgasms.


People with really loud sneezes need to fucking sort it out