How light do you pack for your hols?

A simple enough query on my part. You taking five suitcases for a week or just a small rucksack for a month?

I’ll update my spreadsheet as we go along

Used to pack super light, now with a baby the amount of stuff is unreal.


Charger, hearing aids, wallet. That’ll do

Used to take loads, now as little as possible.

Changing your clothes every day? Doesn’t sound like much of a holiday to me!

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Can usually manage with just hand luggage for anything less than a week where I’m not required to dress formally and it’s not going to be fucking freezing every single day.

Used to pack a little now I pack a lot.



Last few times we have got the ferry to france or Spain and the car is completely jammed from top to bottom (and with bikes and a box on the roof). There’s only 2 of us

Then we buy cases and cases of wine and somehow have to fit that in for the return journey too

Just some fresh pants, a couple t shirts and a couple going out shirts. Towel and toiletries. No devices, book or two maybe.

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haven’t taken hold luggage in about a decade i think

small rucksack with book, tablet, wallet etc. then a sports holdall type thing for the clothes - managed 3 weeks in america off this format (though did have access to a washing machine)

usually just rocking one pair of shoes for a holiday under a week, which helps tbf

Always assume I’m going to shit myself one out of every 4 days.

I haven’t shit myself in years.


I take so much crap it’s unreal.

Took a big suitcase for a week in Germany in May, and had additional stuff in two other people’s suitcases.

Oh and got a bit cheeky with my interpretation of hand luggage size as well.

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The amount of pants and socks I take is like I think I’m going to shit myself every day and then stand in that shit


tbf ‘two years’ can be ‘years’

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The most abused rule in our fair society.


I’m rubbish at packing light, partly because I always need medical supplies (plus emergency duplicates) and partly because I often imagine worst case scenarios where I get accidentally covered in toxic waste and need spare jeans and trainers and a big winter coat.

In reality, I wear the same limited number of clothes all holiday and don’t have medical emergencies.

Edit - I didn’t want to admit my concerns were related to soiling myself but apparently that’s a common one. I feel seen.

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god, this. it’s awful.


Coming through UK airport yeah. German airport they were onto me straight away. Checking the suitcases in they were like “you’re checking that massive rucksack in and all you cheeky get”, no getting out of it.

About as much as I can cram into the largest rucksack I’m allowed on the flight I’m taking. Will almost always optimistically pack swimming stuff. Take a spare pair of shoes if I can. As long as the bag is carryable, I don’t really see the benefit in deliberately packing light.

30L rucksack for anything under 10 days.

Did that much sink pants washing when i went travelling though i reckon i could manage with 2 tshirts 2 pants 2 socks and 2 shorts for how ever long i needed