How likely is your marriage to succeed?


Do the quiz!


I’m not married, but I hugely approve of this type of quiz and am excited about this thread’s potential.


How can you quiz with nothing to click?


Not even on weddingguestbook


My marriage ended before it started, what do I win?!


Alright, confucius


half of her wealth


Extremely unlikely. We separated over 3 years ago.


stats wise we’re straight down the middle. heartening!



also have a lot of admiration for people who had 100+ people at their wedding and spent almost nothing. that’s fucking hard to do without calling in a lot of favours




That is impressive. What counts as ‘almost nothing’?


The lesson seems to be invite loads of people but don’t spend anything on them. I bet the only reason those marriages work is because the people involved have alienated all their other friends because of their crap wedding and only have each other left.


It’s not much of a quiz, is it?

But yeah, we had lots of guests and I don’t know how much it costs, so we’re


We had around 90, and the whole thing cost us around £5k, including honeymoon. BOOM.


I could put on a fucking banging party for 100+ people for under a grand


A bet you wouldn’t even have chair covers. Hence crap party.


wait you could provide food and booze for 100 people for under 10 pounds a head??

with clothes, venue hire of i assume some sort, etc?


i think for instance £1000 while sorting catering for 100 people alone is pretty fucking amazing tbh. you can barely do that on a pub trip and that’s before counting other wedding sundries