how local you bin stayin hun?

incrementally staggered so just tick the one that’s true with the assumption that anything ‘above’ you have in fact done.

  • I haven’t left my house this year
  • I haven’t left my street this year
  • I haven’t left my village/town this year
  • I haven’t left my borough/county this year
  • I haven’t left the country this year
  • I am a fucking monster

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95% in the flat, 3% walking up the road and back again, 2% walking to the park about 15 mins away.

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this poll is linked directly to the Sun’s newsdesk


Put the bins out a few times. Tried to bother various cats in the back garden but they’re all having none of it. That’s it.

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If I walk to the cornershop, which I have done, I leave my borough so :woman_shrugging:



I think I’ve crossed the south yorkshire/Derbyshire border but on a run that started and finished at my house.

Furthest I’ve driven this year is the half mile to sainsbos

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made it to both Liverpool (pre-lockdown) and Bristol (when that seemed almost acceptable over summer) this year bayby

Cycled to Abingdon the other week. Other that that haven’t been outside the ring road.


…this year?


within the last 365 days, yes


Here we go

  • vote to castigate JP for his inability to be a good sport

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Been to work (approx. 12 minute walk) every day and have to drive to the nearest town (approx. 10 minute drive) to the supermarket.

Are we taking calendar year?

Went down to Devon in September. Been back
Home to Oldham a few of times due to childcare bubbles, work in town oh and went to Tatton Park at one point.

That’s been it mainly I now know a lot of the paths round does which if it wasn’t for lockdowns etc. I wouldn’t have probably ever bothered.

Actually going to be crossing the city limits for the first time in 2021 today. What a thrill!

Mainly stay at home apart from occasional trips to the office, which is a 20 minute drive.
Yesterday was my first such trip in two weeks, apart from going for a walk a few times as week, I haven’t left the house.

He’s 27 until it turns 2021