How London are you?


14/20 I have failed


Do you live in London?

  • Y
  • N

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You can’t be a place


Not very London, because my internet connection isn’t good enough for the quiz to load without crashing.


That page is fucked, quiz keeps appearing then disappearing. Piece of shit garbage.


It’s a metaphor for London.


Disappear in shame


Fucks sake. I got 15 but I have never lived in London, and never will. I hate myself for this score.



can you post the stupid questions here so i can get 0/15 without waiting for the stupid website to work


Got 12. Don’t live in London, and the sum of all the time I’ve spent there is probably less than 2 weeks.



  1. A couple of right guesses, a couple I should have known but got wrong.




More like the London building quiz.

Saw the comment for the Croydon question and throat punched myself.


No, but I was born in London. In the fair borough of Hackney.





Ahaha Londoners don’t read Shortlist. It’s a trick question.


also where the hell is @Smee