How London are you?


8/10 - disappointed it’s so many tbh

Quiz won’t load so guessing its automatically disqualified me as i’m not a city

I got 18.

Got the question about Leicester Square tourist restaurants wrong, and their answer to the question about Croydon is wrong.

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What quiz were you even doing


snap. quite happy with being ol’ Ray.

that leicester square one is bullshit. there’s one close enough.

croydon is definitely not london though

One about a city I don’t live in :woman_shrugging:


Bagel Shop question is wrong motherfuckers (but I guessed right anyway because I knew they’d say the white one)

WHAT? You can’t prefer that rainbow bagel peddling one?

I’ve never minded your opinions even if I didn’t agree, but this is outrageous pal

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  • London
  • Not London

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  • Beigel Bake
  • Beigel Shop
  • nae fuckin clue, pal

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I think they both register as correct (even though the white one is obviously better).


Enjoy your rainbow bagels in Croydon.

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needlessly defensives:

-Croydon is in London #marckee
-only a travelcard wanker would know what restaurants are in Leicester Sq
-I’m not interested in steak restaurants
-I am interested in fried chicken and I am ashamed of myself here


Pretty happy with that seeing as I haven’t lived there since 2013



i got 11. i think i knew the answer to three of them, the rest were guesses. so of course this means

of course

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Ok so I only ever order 1 bagel - salt beef, cheese and mustard. Which the yellow one does better IMO. I’ve done both extensively.

Also I know this isn’t a popularly held view but I like my bagels proper stodgy and the yellow gaff delivers better on that score.

yellow bagel shop is so superior