How long before I can start keeping score in my new 5-a-side game?



Been playing with this new BOL. Don’t really know any of them just found them on the internet. It’s a good game for me to play in as it’s roughly my level. so far so good.
But they don’t keep score!!! Why not? FFs. There’s usually no-one on the pitch after us so after an hour the person who organises it just shouts out “first to three goals wins!”
(They also go over head height and restart from the keeper ffs but that’s another matter)
I want to start keeping score by shouting it out as we go - how long do I have to have been playing for to start doing this?


Because it doesn’t matter. Meat shovel grave.


yeah well would you be happy if you got to the end of a game of whatever penoid shit it is this week and regardless the amount of goblins you’d slain it was just the end of the game and no particular outcome?


My penoid games aren’t played to a time limit (well, tournament games are, for logistical reasons) so you come to a natural end when one player wins.


You know, I was wondering where the phrase “meat shovel grave” came from. Cheers Google: it’s a DiSism.


Or a Stewart Lee-ism




:meat_on_bone: :spades: :skull_crossbones:

Toffee spade poison


does anyone have anything relevant to the OP to contribute here?


The man who irks me more than any other plays in my weekly 5-a-side. He’s a cunt. Can’t keep the correct score but is so mindblowingly arrogant he can never even begin to imagine he might be wrong. Ever. Have nearly come to blows with him a couple of times because he’s so argumentative and aggressive. He’s moving to Australia in a couple of weeks though :smiley:


You can keep score as of now. There many be other participants suffering in silence. Do it. Listen to your heart.


ooh, which guy?!


I bet I know which guy.


Australian Dave


Where and when do you play?


South side goals tues night. Gonna come sort em out for me are ya?


I used to play in the league there on a Tuesday night.

We were both the longest-serving and least-successful team on their books.

I’d play if you had space.