how long can a shed survive without the roof covering thing please?

thank hyou

See this is exactly what happens when you let Kasabian get into your shed

sorry @Bamnan this isn’t helpful, hope you’re okay

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Bodiam Castle hasn’t had a roof for about five hundred years


Depends on the weather, what’s underneath, contents of shed, general construction of the rest. Could you giz a pic?

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Are we talking the whole roof or just the felting?

Just the felting - a while if it’s dry weather but if it’s raining, only really a few days and everything inside may get damp.

Roof gone, you no longer have a shed, you have a large wooden bucket.


Get a tarp from a DIY store and put over with nails for a temp fix


14 minutes

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just the felting has blown off but I have no ladder

Yep, chuck it over, tie/nail it in place

(Unsure why I’m just repeating your good advice)