How long could you be away from your desk if you left now

without anyone noticing?

  • Seconds
  • 1 minute or less
  • Less than 5 minutes
  • Less than 15 minutes
  • Less than an hour
  • Less than two hours
  • Less than six hours
  • Less than 24 hours
  • Less than a week
  • Less than a month
  • Less than a year
  • More than a year
  • They would never notice
  • I do not work at a desk
  • I don’t know

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Wfh but got a call at 4:30. If I can take my phone and laptop, and go somewhere with WiFi access I could leave my desk until 5:15 when my girlfriend arrives home

Core hours finish in 8 minutes, so could fuck off home then and no-one would question it.

Someone may ask where I am later on in the week but other than that I could easily not be at my desk for a whole week without anyone really noticing

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we use Skype at work, it has recently started notifying me when people on my team come online, so presumably does the same to others when I go online, also the new laptop I have goes to sleep after a couple of minutes, so it pretty much notifies people when I have come back from leaving my desk (or if I have been on my phone making a lengthy dis post)

Could leave any time now, going Leeds tomorrow, back at my desk Wednesday c8am

Regularly wander off for a bit. Sit in the toilets for a while on my phone. Take extended lunches. No one cares.

In old jobs people would be wondering where you’d got to after 10 minutes or so


My trainee would notice my walking out of our shared office literally immediately.

Don’t have a set desk and haven’t been at any desk since last Wednesday.

I work between two offices so I can easily just claim to be in the other office if anyone asks. Also where I work it’s pretty fexible so if I don’t physically need to be in the office I can just work from home.

As I’m part time and it’s host desking and largely autonomous about a month before someone contacted me I reckon though they might notice after a few weeks

Our new manager literally has no idea what she’s doing so has started to pick up on things like being away from our desks.

So about 15 minutes - before I reckon 2 days. In fact, when I shaved my head from shoulder length hair my then manager thought I’d left and been replaced by a temp (until the 3rd day when they stopped to introduce themselves)