How long do you reckon you could pretend to someone that you're

really good at magic tricks without them working it out?

My niece and nephew think I’m really good at magic tricks because they got me a magic kit for my birthday one year after I wowed them with the one card trick I know at Christmas a few days before.


i am really good at magic tricks though, so…

Until the saw drew blood, probably.


Oh well this thread doesn’t apply to you if you’re actually good at them

What trick was it?

I can do a fairly rudimentary guess-what-card-I-showed-you-without-appearing-to-have-looked-at-it trick

How’s it done? Mirrors? Cameras?

The greatest trick Aggpass ever played was pretending he wasn’t good at magic


I can put my fingers in my pocket and when I pull them out they smell of cheese.


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If you want to. I could take your pants off at the same time?

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It’s done by ensuring I draw the card from the bottom of the pack with my thumb whilst appearing to stop midway through the pack to show them what they think is a card from the middle of the pack but is actually the card from the bottom of the pack which I have slid out with my thumb and also I’ve looked to see what the card at the bottom of the pack is already.

You filthy liar!

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I have done a different variant where I have hidden a duplicate card in their pockets before doing the trick and wowed them by saying “I think I’ve messed up here actually, I’m not sure I can find your card after all, can you check your pockets?” and they fucking love it.


You’re a good uncle

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Not a good enough Uncle to have actually opened the magic set they got for me to learn more tricks to wow them

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You’re out of the circle for that pal


at least a year