How long do you think it will be before office space is largely obsolete


Rents are sky-high, working-from-home is increasingly viable for most people, commuting costs and transport disruptions are increasingly unworkable. Can’t be long before we start seeing a big shift away from companies paying for office space that isn’t strictly necessary can it?


I hope not

I struggle a bit with working from home - too much time alone/ find it hard to focus etc


There have been think piece articles predicting the death of the office since at least the 70s. So must be any day now!!


plus all the wanking.

I know that’s a mitchell and webb sketch but by god…


Excellent movie. I don’t see why it can’t be enjoyed for generations to come.


What will we do with the offices?


Depending on what I’m working on I actually find myself being a lot more efficient when WFH quite often without the distractions of people asking you stuff etc


Smash em down and whack up some affordable housing options obviously


yeah - I wish that was me, but it isn’t

Plus one of my cats is crazy annoying/ distracting when you are trying to work. Plus I don’t have a proper desk (nowhere to put one either) and get a stiff neck sitting at the kitchen table


We could probably just live in them as they are. Work from home, live in an office.


Good call


It would be nice, tbh, even if I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon. I applied for a job somewhere that didn’t have an office, but used a “business club” as necessary for meetings. The reduced overheads meant they could charge much, much lower service charges etc to clients.

I hope they succeed, because it’s a business model I’d like to see more of.


This is what I see happening more and more tbh, people will make megabucks by renting out meeting spaces on a day-to-day basis which will be a lot more affordable for most companies, staff have to commute once a month or so for meetings and the savings made are used to make wages better. This is definitely good and will happen 100%.


I will never be able to work from home in this job :disappointed_relieved:


Had to work from home last week two days just because I had too much to do and couldn’t face the ‘Happy New Year!’, ‘How was your Christmas?’ and the like all day.


Also jobs and services are so varied that while the amount of space required may shrink due to home working and being more open plan or hot desk based, you’ll still need a location for customer service staff, for example, as well as meetings - and bearing in mind that not everyone works the same way and loads need to be in an office or professional space to be productive.


This is basically

With increasing rental prices in city centres AND the huge rise in HOME WORKING, I don’t understand why they haven’t gone under.


No it isn’t


it is


I’m slightly scared that when the new underling starts next month I am not going to be able to WFH as much…