How long do you think it would take to relearn how to ride a bike, if you hadn't ridden a nike for 20 years?

not a poll


Think I’d just do it


0 minutes

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It’s like riding a bike, isn’t it.


Just put your lips together and blow.

Is riding a Nike some kind of foot fetish thing?

nike joke


My ATD is 30 years old and cannot ride a bike. It’s a genuine source of ridicule for him.


This is now the cycling thread.


I’d get on and go swooosh!

I have a mate who is the least sporty person ever, we all went on a holiday together down in Cornwall and one day decided to cycle the Camel Trail, where you can rent a bike for cheap and go down the old railway line. He was trying to persuade us not to bother, and we eventually realised it was because he didn’t want to ride a bike, because he basically couldn’t. But after a while we persuaded him, and to be fair, he got the hang of it quite quickly, was happily following along.

The problem was, on the way back, many miles from civilisation, he got cocky and tried to go one handed as he reached for something in his pocket. Cue him absolutely stacking it, and smashing open his chin, down to the bone! Was hideous. Managed to bundle him to a nearby tea room, gushing blood everywhere, and from there to a local hospital to get him stitched up. He still has a quite impressive scar. And I had to spend ages lugging an extra bike back to hire place before it shut.

So he was right, we shouldn’t have gone on that bike ride.

One thousand years (or “ten centuries”).


Ooft, that was some smash.

My mate fell off a bike with stabilisers on it. I didn’t think that was actually possible.



how old were you when you learned to ride a bicycle?


so yeah - going on hols soon and going to cycle about a bit - and the tv hasn’t ridden a bike for about 20 years - and i don’t want this terrible accident scenario to happen! so… i want to hire a couple of bikes this / next weekedn for her to re get to grips with teh cycling

23 (we’re only counting road bikes, right?)

Just nick one

yes, as discussed elsewhere, flat-barred monstrosities aren’t real bikes

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I was properly young. There’s photos of me as a 3 year old pootling around the back garden on a tiny blue bike with yellow plastic wheels.