How long do you think KP have been passionate about their nuts?

And how long do you reckon they spend in the sun before being picked?

6 weeks, and 6 weeks.


Four millenia, and a month

a) 75 years
b) 75 years

Nope, no correct guesses so far.

Congratulations if you said “since 1953” and “130 days”

Thank you for playing

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I was hoping you’d drag this out a bit longer, if I’m honest.

Enjoy your nuts, though

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Ah my dad turned 1 in the year they became passionate about their nuts, I’ll have to ask him to see if he remembers it

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I know exactly how long a shelf life my threads have.

112 years
A week

Sorry 'cado, the answer was “since 1953” and “130 days”

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Since 1953
130 days

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What an overestimation AND underestimation on my part, but at least I learned something new so thank you :peanuts:

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Any time, my friend.

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Get the fuck in!

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People should feel free to keep guessing if they want by the way