How long do you think onions pickled in vinegar will last?



Went to see me gran at the weekend and she gave me a jar she’d found in the pantry that my grandad had made. He’s been dead for three years, so I’m not sure what to do with em.


Eat them and post on here to let us know how it went


One might say you were in a pickle over what to do with them…


This reply has many layers


What is the derivation of the phrase vinegar strokes, please?


I’m fairly certain the correct answer here is “indefinitely”.


There home made so hard to tell. Open them do they have any mouldy or spoty areas on them? Staples a fork into the have they gone soft or do they still have a decent texture/crunch to them?

If the latter you should be fine


341 years. Give or take a decade.