How long do you think you could play air guitar for before someone asked you what the air guitar was about?


I reckon a couple of seconds max


As long as no one comes to the door I could do seven hours straight


How long do you think it would take for your son to ask/confront you about it?


22 minutes. Got a meeting at 11.


I think I would be confronted as soon as he saw me (seven hours, well maybe slightly less).


Don’t forget to stay silent for the first 2 minutes.




15 minutes uninterrupted sitting in the car :red_car:, a risky 3 minute walk down the street, probably still unchallenged, and I reckon about 8 very uncomfortable mins after arriving at the meeting as I’ve never met them before and they’d probably be too awkward to pull me up on it straight away


8 minutes is a long time my friend


Ignoring the handshake offers would be tricky I must admit


I’ve only been caught air guitaring once. It was embarrassing enough, but even more embarrassing was that I was air guitaring to a Tapes’n’Tapes song.

Wait, no, amazing song. I’ve nothing to feel embarrassed about.


I’d rather die than be caught air guitaring


wouldn’t even know how to hold an air guitar


it’s all about air drumming these days


I like people who air conduct. Like Principal Skinner.


I like people who