How long do you use bowels for?

Probably about 7 mins or so on average. Might treat myself to 10+ mins as a treat every now and then.

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Sorry about this, everyone

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I don’t believe you.

Oh, I am sorry. I just did this so Aggpass or someone didn’t. Really I should be praised but I DO feel sorrow about this happening.

How many shites have you done today?

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This is now the filth thread.

I’ll say.

Was once in hospital and doctors came in on consecutive days to tell me that removing my bowel was a possibility, but in the end they didn’t have to. So now I’m grateful EVERY time I use them.

How are we counting this? Per log or per sitting?

Per sitting. Should have specified really. Sorry for the confusion.

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Erotic acrostic (scat edition)

Caboo-doo-doo-DOO bap-a
Taste my arse


bit worried about @manches laying 5 cables already today.

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He can do what he wants, get off his back

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show some concern and get abused. Shit away Manches!



rushed in to point and laugh and you misspelling bowl…so imagine how deflated i feel right now :frowning:

Had zoom calls today! They were nerves poos!

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You know what makes me feel uneasy, knowing how long our intestines are. Also that there are trillions of bacteria in there, although tbf to the little lads they’re doing a good job in there for our gut health