How long do you use towels for?

Bath towels, not tea towels.

  • Change after a single use
  • A couple of days
  • A few days, maybe a week
  • A week or two
  • Can’t remember when I last washed it actually

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“About five minutes, until I’m dry” ahahahahah




I only have 2, for I am only 1 man. But whenever one is in the wash I use the other. Conclusion: dunno

I have a heated towel rail - but it only come on when the heatings on

Which means I use more towels in the summer cos they are more likely to be gross and soggy when it’s time to use it again so I’ll get a fresh one out


A guy I lived in halls with in uni didn’t believe in using a towel. After a shower, he’d just put his fluffy dressing gown on and let the moisture absorb into it. Rarely if ever washed it. Very gross.

I didn’t have a dressing gown as a kid and was never sure growing up if that was how you were meant to use them, since they’re made of a towelly material.


Used to live with a guy who would never reuse a towel ever. Used to think he was slightly bonkers now just terrible for the environment isn’t it

Depends how often I’m showering. At the moment I’m working from home and running first thing in the morning, so shower once a day. If I’m cycling to and from the office, I’ll shower twice a day.

Up to a week, maybe a little bit longer, depending on washing loads.

About monthly probably but quite often I’ll grab one of the guest towels instead of wash my own #bourgois

My TV will often take all of the towels out of the bathroom to wash at the same time without replacing them with clean ones. I often only notice when I’ve just washed my hands or brushed my teeth or something. Annoying.

Any longer than a week is a bit gross.


what are you all doing to your towels to have to wash them so frequently?

  • 1-2
  • 2-5
  • 5-10
  • 10-15
  • More than 15

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Generally shower twice a day so they get smelly, innit.

where are you drying your towels

  • Heated towel rail
  • Unheated towel rail
  • Banister
  • Back of the door
  • Bed/floor like Tuna’s partner sometimes does :nauseated_face:
  • Peg in bathroom or something
  • Other (please specify)

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Heated towel rail, but it only comes on when the heating comes on, so during the winter.

The towels dry quickly enough on their own during the rest of the year anyway.

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Every 2-4 ish weeks for big towels, hand towels more like every 1 or maybe 2 weeks because they get used multiple times a day.

I transition to banister during the summer months because it requires less folding

Over the door