How long do you use towels for?

I’d have accepted ‘back of the door’

Tend to chuck mine on the washing line as I’m leaving for work if the weather looks OK.


We have far too many towels in our house - like 30 or so

No idea how we amassed so many

The towel rail is unheated, but the wall behind the towel rail has a heating element built in. This warms the towels as well as the bathroom.

ooh, that’s classy, I like it

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Normal radiator

I had to tell my gf off in the early days of our relationship as she would put towels in the washing basket after a single use. Eventually had to say ’ This is not a hotel’


I wash my towels everytime i rub them on my clean wet body



Have more than one towel and do laundry every 10 days or so and wash them then. Dry them on a bathroom rail (unheated). Used to have a towelling robe at university because I shared bathrooms and was too shy to wear a normal towel :laughing: used it to dry myself and conceal myself all in one go

  • 60 degree wash with bedding and no fabric softener
  • Another option somehow

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Everything just goes on 30 degree wash all the time


towel-only wash


60 degree wash with bath mats and the same laundry pod things we use for nearly everything.


clutches pearls

:grimacing: is this a thing? What’s wrong with a 40 degree wash for ol’ towley?


I would guess after about 10 showers mine gets a wash, so maybe once a month?

Until it feels like plasterboard

You only shower every three days?

This is a bold line of thought to introduce to the thread

I’m shaking here, h_y_g

Hand towels washed every three days or so

Bath type towels weekly/ten days I guess. More in the summer as on sunny days I just like to wash everything.