How long does it take you to switch off from work?


Finished work on Tuesday, but just opened my emails and ended up answering a couple. Feel like a right knobhead.

How long does it take between you breaking up and completely not thinking about work?


as soon as i’m out of the building


I never stop - constantly feel guilty for relaxing as there is always something I could/should be doing


Minus one week


Depends how I finish the day, and whether I have any uncompleted tasks to do.

It also depends how I get home: running or cycling help a lot with that separation; tube journey, less so.

It helps that all other consultants, contractors as well as planning/building control completely shut down for pretty much two weeks over Christmas, so I rarely come back to any new e-mails after the festive break.


that’s my secret, @imipolex I’m always switched off



Yeah, I think this is it. Completely ridiculous thing to feel guilty about!


No time at all. Dont give a fuck about my job. Can barely even remember what it is i do.


Realise I’m proper shit at my job if I’m not internally debating the way to do things all night and weekend. Must have had a year where I went over and over obscure data and information and ways to pull it all together and whatever.

Last couple of months I’ve stopped giving a shit and my output has suffered.

Usually - never switch off

At the moment - never switched on


I am always switched off immediately I walk out the door. But I find it very easy to switch back on again. I’m always responding to work emails whilst half cut and that.


I barely switch on when I am at work as it is.


it happened about three days ago and ive still got two days left



(but also i am lazy)


Yeah, probably won’t get any new emails from Friday. Tbf I was answering emails from students asking for help on an assignment, so I don’t feel too bad about doing that when I’m away.


Same here. But the way my department is set up a dozen other people can immediately take over any job I’m working on, pretty much.


Me leaving work on Tuesday ready for two weeks off.