How long has the moon and sun thing been there?

I’ve not noticed it before

Only just appeared for me.

Doesn’t do anything but the site’s theme settings haven’t worked for probably two years for me.


It changes the typeface and background colour shade for me.

(see screengrabs, above)

Turns out there’s a new setting for dark mode scheme

Nah still borked somehow.

Few billion years or so


It toggles between light and dark mode on desktop but does nothing on my phone.

Also, I’m getting ad banners that I swear I wasn’t getting before today :man_shrugging:

Also also, why have I got POTW under my username, didn’t think I’d posted anything worthy of post of the week anytime recently!

In theory that’s down to your choice for ‘Title’ under your profile preferences. But if you’re certain it wasn’t there a few days ago then maybe the site’s had some odd update where it applies badge titles to people?

Always been there for me on mobile but used to be a wider toggle style button

Are you…. sure?? I’ve never seen it before.

He’s right that @sean brought it in at one point when he was trying to get a better colour scheme. I never actually saw it I think but I recall it being a toggle button at the top in the screen shots. because my scheme thing is always broken I’ve never thought much about it.

It definitely wasn’t there yesterday. It had ‘Supporter’ there ever since I started contributing to the site. I’ve just gone into my profile and the drop down had ‘none’ or ‘POTW’

Ah okay, that’ll be why I suppose. @sean must have removed the support badge thing and it just automatically dropped to the next available option (which isn’t great defaulting on behalf of Discourse).

EDIT: I actually can’t see any sign of the supporter thing at all, no billing detail or anything!

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Ahh this’ll be a Discourse thing as they’re making some changes over on their end, I don’t remember the details but this makes sense in relation to that. So should be unrelated to the sun/moon update (which is also likely an automated update from Discourse, it’s not something we’ve turnes on)

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According to this it must have been turned on by @sean but the feature is quite old so it’s possible he turned it on a while back and it’s only now been set as not #broken (their term on there) so it’s appearing

Except for us, it is broken! Ha. @LastAstronaut is right that it seems to only work reliably on Desktop.

A little update.