How long have you been in your current job?


In truth: I’ve only had three employers since graduation:

First: six years;
Second: seven years and two months;
Third: five years, three months and counting.

I’ve had plenty of different job titles within each role, just to keep things interesting.


6 months in this job, 6 years at this company. i understand staying in the same company a really long time but i don’t really get people who stay in the same job for decades.

i don’t think 8 years in the same job is long enough to be weird - they might have been looking for a while if they weren’t in a hurry to move.


Check your job privilege/ don’t have a job etc etc.

Last job was 3 years 4 months. Longest job was 3 years 9 months.

Mum had one job her entire life, dad had two. Times are changing eh?


If it’s stable, pays the bills and has a decent pension, I’m not going anywhere unless I’m pushed.


do most jobs have a pension these days?

my sister is on at me to start a pension fund. she suggested i put in a four figure sum a month. i laughed in her face.





Current contract was originally 3 months, but have now been here for the best part of two years, albeit this is my third role. Finishing up two weeks tomorrow though :grinning:

Longest ever was just shy of five years, although in that time the company I originally worked for got bought out by a massive Plc, I moved location, then job, then a 15 month secondment, then a promotion, then I burnt out badly so waited for bonus/share options to crystallise and handed in my notice the next day. Feels mad that I was there for so long looking back, but that was back in the day when I was actively pursuing a ‘career’…


No days. I’m in a 2 week break between jobs. Longest stint is with the company I just left - 7 years, 7 days.


I’ve been in my current job/roll for about 1.5 years, been with the company for around 14 years though (joined with them as my first job out of University).


You’ve got two weeks to become so good at Smash that you make the prof disappear in shame.


current - 11 months.

longest - 2 years 11 months


One week - I’m nearly halfway into the break


Exactly 4 months


I started here in 2014, so four years three months.

This is my longest job.


Since auto-enrolment started in the UK, yes.

Tbh, assuming you are a looooong way out from retirement overpaying into your pension scheme is not the best use of your money…


Your priorities disgust me.


I’ll be amazed if I don’t die at my work/still be of working age when I snuff it.


yeah, i pretty much am resigned to the fact that i’ll be working until i die. or win the lottery or something, idk. haven’t really thought as far as today’s lunch tbh.



Whenever I look at pensions I just think, hmm, I could put that much money into a death raffle, OR I could feed my family and pay our rent. Guess I’ll do the latter. Looking forward to working into the grave.