How long have you been in your current job?


Currently 4 years.
Previously and longest was 11 years.


What do you/they work as, if you don’t mind me asking?


Just over a year, but it was an internal promotion so I’ve been working at the same place 3 and a half years.

Longest stint was the previous one for 5 years.

Both my current place and last place had people with north of 35 years service.


I’m a web developer, but it’s a big company so I don’t actually know who any of these people are and all the job titles are vague like “Manager” or “Assistant” that don’t say what people actually do.

should note that it’s only a few who have been here for ages, not like it’s packed full of near pensioners who have been here for life!


3 years 11 months at this employer, got promoted about a year ago but essentially the same role.
Really ready to leave tbqh.

Longest ever is 4 years 5 months.


Current employer: 2yrs. Current job, six months.

Did basically the same job from 2004-11. Paid well, let me do other things I wanted to do with my time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯


Current employer: 14yrs 2 months and a couple of days

Current role: 2yrs 5 months

Current store/location: 1yr 1 month

Fuck me.


current: 1 year 9.5 months

longest: 2 years 1 month

current will overtake it soon as i don’t have a constant burning desire to leave this job all the time.


11 months at the moment but have a new job offer come in. The current crowd are a bunch of amateurs.

Longest was 10 years.
Honestly thought I’d die there. Terrible place to work, I just hadn’t the confidence to believe I could get a job somewhere else


Five months and 18 days. My end-of-probation meeting is Monday after next (17th Dec), so just need to not fuck up at the Christmas party and then I should get moved up to being an executive… think a pay rise is involved, YES PLEASE.

Longest job: 1 year 2 months 9 days. (Zero hours retail job.)

My mum’s last day in her job (having been made redundant) is tomorrow - she has been there for 17 years and 1 month. :frowning:


redundant before christmas? that’s so harsh.


Current role: 14 months
This department: 3 and a half years
This company: 5 years 1 month.


so she was told about the redundancy in July, but it’s been an absolute farce handled by incompetent amateurs. she was going to sign it off but solicitor told her not to because they had ballsed up the process so badly. that intervention meant that her original finish date in October was moved back 2 months.

it’s dragged on for ages and the whole thing has really hurt her - she works at her church, so it’s much more to her than just a normal job. the people who have been insensitively and incompetently carrying it out have also been expecting her to come to them for pastoral support. complete dickheads. mind you, have thought that about the vicar for ages (he won’t marry divorcees, to the point where he refused to marry a woman who had previously been married to a man who was very violent towards her and had been convicted for it)


that’s really sad, i’m sorry to hear that.


2 years as a part-time (if that counts unless we’re just talking full-time) teacher assistant, I actually dreaded it a lot more than my current job which is full-time. Was only planning on working there for a few months but y’know, depression and shit happens and I didn’t really bother looking for other jobs; you just end up aiming to get through the mental psychological torture of the week when that happens.

Been in my full-time job for a few months which is also as long as I was planning on staying here for, but I’m stuck here until I learn how to drive basically. Find it all a bit daunting if I’m honest but at least I’m in a position now where I can actually afford lessons, assuming I won’t pass my driving test first time, because one lesson in I already know I’m not cut out for driving.


I think all jobs have pensions these days in the UK (unless self employed)


You can opt out, but everyone gets auto-enrolled in that People’s Pension thing at least. Think the basic level is that both you and the employer contribute 1% a month.


Started in this job 14 years ago.

Have worked at different locations (manchester, Leeds, Sheffield)

Have left the company 4 times.

So basically I get a terrible pension deal compared to if I had never left and people have stopped putting in for leaving presents.

Aside from that…kept leaving to do music full time so no regrets (until retirement)


this dept, 2 years. this organisation, 4 years. i think that’s the longest ive spent anywhere


Yes. Who could forget Workie the Workplace Pension mascot?