How long have you been lurking on dis?

This is guaranteed 100+ replies, right?

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Think I lurked for about a month before wading in elbows first

Think i posted twice on the old forum before retreating from the front line. In about 2011 or summat.

Bowled it straight in


I remember looking at the old site and feeling really stupid because I couldn’t figure out how the artist tagging system worked


I found the site just after HTM Hell Day 2013. I was looking for other music review sites and went “Oh, they have a forum, I’ll check it out.” I shouldn’t have clicked that link!

So, yeah, I lurked for about two months before joining you lot.

good thread. I think i dived right in.

10+ years :frowning:

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Well before the praxis tents thread.

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I just saw a van called Hope and Clay Construction

I think I started visiting the site around 2000/2001, I remember that first layout. Didn’t discover the forums until around 2006 or something but didn’t post much at first.