How long until you finish work for Christmas?

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Six days, six hours and fifty minutes for me.


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Next Friday. However long that is.


nine days and x hours x minutes?



i’m gonna stop working long before that

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I have almost nothing to do tbh. Going to get all my Christmas shopping done today I think.

Apparently my last day is next Thursday. Must have assumed I’d leave the shopping down to the wire so gave myself the 22nd off. I’ve done all my shopping though, so I’ll have a free day on the 22nd. WHAT SHALL I DO?

14 days


Ah man :frowning:

Midday on Thursday 21st

Finish at 6pm on Xmas Eve, with 2 days off between now and then


One of my friends works at your head office. In addition to being sent out to depots and factories for the last three weeks before Christmas, they aren’t allowed to take any leave during December.

The past couple of years he’s got back to his house from work at about midnight on Christmas Eve, having spent the previous weeks in hotels next to industrial estates.

8 and three quarter days left. I need the break.

Sounds about right. They hate coming into stores as they have to do some customer facing work. Pretty grim state of affairs in retail though, in December.

got work up until friday so possibly then. might just turn down any work for next week tbh.

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Yeah that Friday, and then I’m taking my work laptop back to Wales because I have to work remotely between Christmas and New Year. Boy’s gotta eat.

when you coming up here?