How long would it take you to speak to a Greg(g)(ory) from NOW?

I reckon I could do it in about a minute.

Into Outlook, advanced find, first name Greg, start dialling around.

Five results, two direct dials, three generic.

there’s a Greggs round the corner, i could go and ask to speak to the manager


Great question. I don’t know any Greg(g)(or)(y)s. Think I’d really struggle tbh.

My tactic would probably to book a cheap flight to an Eastern European city and just stand in the old town yelling “GREGOR!” until someone answered.

Probably would take me at least three weeks.


think i only know one. haven’t dealt with him or his company for a few years so would need to concoct something pretty crafty as a reason for phoning him.

also he’s american so would need to wait at least six hours.

I hope he’s called Greg(g)(or)(y)

same approach, won’t take me long.

This thread had reminded me of my first boyfriend because his name was Greg. We used to play Batman and Catwoman.
Cant remember what his second name is.
Don’t think I know any Greg’s now.

Greg Batman


you got me thinking if i’d be quicker just walking up and down buchanan st yelling “GREGG”

but thinking about it, if i clocked some stranger walking down the street shouting my name, no fucking danger i’d be going anywhere near them

…so yeah. dunno.

I know an American Greg, my mate Doug’s (who moved back to the US when he was 12 and I last spoke to about 20 years ago) brother who grassed us up for saying ‘fuck’. Wonder if it is the same one?

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TV’s sister’s TV is called Greg, and he works in GAME, so would probably just ring him up there. 5 minutes, maybe?

If he’s not in/not answering his phone it might be tricky.

Do you reckon you’d get more joy from yelling “GREGG” or going to each individual and saying to them “are you Gregg?” in a panicked voice?

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i’ll ask him when i phone

I’d phone up Greg from the other side of the office. not sure what I’d say, but it would only take me a few seconds.

Spelt Graig

My favourite bread


think you’d have to go individually.

you’d need to be smart about it though, couldn’t just ask everyone you passed for the same reason as just shouting wouldn’t work

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In my opinion you are one of the wisest and smartest members of our community.

That would require picking up the phone and calling someone with it. As if you would do that, my love x

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