How long would it take you to speak to a Greg(g)(ory) from NOW?

does it count if their surname is Gregory, not their first name?

You could just shout at them, that would be quicker.

I work with two Gregs

  • Greg #1 is not at his desk, so I’ll have to wait until he comes back.
  • Greg #2 sits in another part of the office. He usually calls me. I think I’ll wait for his call.
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i know plenty of craigs


Yeah that is fine… I think.

good stuff, i could talk to him when i go back to work a week on Monday i guess?

yeah, I was going to suggest it would take me a few weeks or more likely months to compose myself, in the hope the whole idea would have by then been forgotten, but the act itself would be very swift.

how do you distinguish between the greggs? do you refer to big gregg and wee gregg or like accounts gregg and sales gregg or what

You could just call him now?

i mean i try to avoid speaking to him when i am actually at work as he will inevitably ask me to do work. i’m definitely going to avoid speaking to him when i’m off work, even though it would be for such a worthy cause such as this thread.

They do different jobs, so by that.

got a new tactic. I’m just going to phone the largest shops in the area one by one and ask to speak to gregg until i get one.

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vocal or text?

text; easy
vocal; impossible, he’s a mute

Has to be vocal I’m afraid

I reckon if I called my mate Greg, he’d pick up.

i’m on the switchboard so I could patch you through if you like one second please

Would ring my mate Greg. He might be busy working though so can’t guarantee a timeframe.

I think I’m facebook friends with at least two Greg(g)s, although I don’t know them that well, so I’d have to come up with some convoluted reason to call them on there but they might pick up, maybe.

Could message a Gre(g) within 10 seconds, might take up to a day to get a reply however - unreliable!

Oh vocal? Hmm, not sure I have his number any more due to changing countries … FB messenger call I guess can work still.

Graham pronounced Gram is the worst thing to ever come out of America