How loud is your normal speaking voice?


Mine - not very.


Get told off for mumbling a lot


On a scale of 1 to Ronnie Pickering I reckon I’m about a 2.


Around Simon Callow.


can be pretty loud

When I was doing a telephone market research job another member of staff complained I was too loud


yeah. it’s even worse now i’ve moved country and my accent is odd to people


i have a friend who actually makes me anxious about hearing damage if he’s too close to my ear.


You could end up making someone wear a puffy shirt on the late show.


Loud enough to be audible

Quiet enough not to be a prick


Medium. I can project if I want to and then it gets very loud. Rarely raise my voice though.


Fuck off Mr Perfect Levels


Appaz, I’m a right mumbler.

I really don’t like people whose voices carry and cut through everything else so you can hear them from the other side of the office. :hear_no_evil:




I frequently get asked to speak up or to repeat things because people haven’t heard me. So I suppose that makes my speaking voice too quiet.


Generally very quiet and mumbly, But when I’m nervous I can overcompensate and be loud.


Kind of average, but the real issue is the tone / note of my voice, it’s quite low and tends to blur with background sounds, makes it very difficult to have conversations in loud bars and stuff.


new guy in the office here is using his outdoor voice consistently since he started. Unfortunately coupled with the amount of brown nosing and bullshit he’s coming out with I’m getting to the point where I want to injure him.


^^^This - but I blame my constantly blocked nose and sinuses. Also my TV is slightly deaf in one ear so it’s a bit of a sit-com round ours sometimes.




I’d say I’m in the middle. Sometimes I mumble, but I mean to.

Fuck em.