How lucky are you?

Let’s find out who’s luckiest.

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I’m very lucky - I found this wonderful thread!


One more and I’ll toss.

tails never fails

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It was tails, unlucky heads voters.

You characters go through to the next round.

@zxcvbnm2 @froglet @jazzballet @SenorDingDong


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Shit sorry I voted on that poll without reading first, sorry saps.

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this is a disaster already. ‘last disser standing’ he says with just 9 people in the pot

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Not an issue, I know which four people are actually still in.


Who’s “he”? The cat’s uncle?

yep so much thread potential, alas


I’ll save it with my own version

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  • Lands on its side

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Coin fell down the drain.

Everyone loses, there is no lucky DiSer.

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heads because i fancy the queen


you know who he is

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The only luck I’ve had can turn a good man bad

Amazing story of good luck.
Lost the little plastic bud from one of my earphones and was all “oh, no I’m going to have to order some more buds” which I would obvs never get round to and would just need to buy more earphones and then I thought I would look for some old broken ones in my desk drawer and take the bud off that and use. So I looked in my draw and immediately found a 6 pack of earphone buds in a little plastic container I have NO MEMORY of ever seeing or buying and they fitted perfectly.
2 days later I lost my earphones


Silky can hook you up.

Genuinely believe that if universes branch off for every possibility I’ve taken the bad luck branch at every fork, straight down the line, darkest timeline