How lucky will your birthday be this year?

My abuser’s bday is #366 :partying_face:

I’m in column 4, Pumpkin the gerbil is in column 1. Wbu huns? Who’s having the luckiest and unluckiest bday on DiS?

My birthday is in:

  • Column 1 - very lucky
  • Column 2 - quite lucky
  • Column 3 - ok
  • Column 4 - meh
  • Column 5 - unlucky
  • Column 6 - very unlucky

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Pretty far down column 6 :frowning:

rank 43!

How lucky will your mother’s maiden name be this year


just snuck into the top 100, result

wait how do we know whether 1 or 6 is highest, it doesn’t say

1 is luckiest!

#336 :frowning:

Literally the luckiest birthday!

And it must be true. What, you can tell more about my personality if you know my mother’s maiden name too?

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That is not a great result :frowning_face:

Rank 65

(In a month and a day if you wanna get your cards written now)

dunno, depends how the day goes!


That’s my PIN


fuck searching through that!

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Fake news, 2021 is not a leap year.


Weirdly the same as my csv on the back of my card

attention all 2021 gamers

Wallet (1)

my PIN number is extremely lucky

Column three, almost exactly in the middle, continuing my run of being booooring