How many Alt codes do you know off the top of your head?

I can do 0128 (€) and 0176 (°). Anything else is a stab in the dark followed by a surprise triumph, or frustration and a trip to google dot com.

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I can’t believe people confuse this account with Theo…


Alt-255 used to be a good one for the old boards

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€ is Ctrl Alt 4 surely

You mean Alt Gr + 4.

(fun fact: I learned this from Balonz)

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don’t have a num pad, obviously

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Alt and angry Alt (gr)


145-148 are single left, single right, double left, double right typographers’ quote marks.
160 is a non-breaking space.
16 and 17 do the left/right-facing filled triangles.

0128 (€) as I use that on the daily. Same for 130 (é), 138 (è) and 136 (ê) because I deal with a lot of queries from France.

When I was doing French and Spanish A-level I had the lot memorised.