How many bananas are in the uk right now?

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I’d have to hazard at somewhere north of 1000

I reckon I have seen at least half that number today (through the open door of a Co-op and visits to Tesco and Spennos)


Are there more bananas that people?

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I wonder if there is a minimum number of bananas required for it to constitute a bunch?

I think 4.

I feel like there might be, then my brain tells me that there’s definitely more people, but the feeling doesn’t go away.

I reckon there are more people but I don’t know!

Based on the number of bananas I can currently see and extrapolating out from the area of my office to that of the UK - making some assumptions about which territories you wish to include, of course - I calculate it to be approximately zero.


By this assumption there are around 94 million packets of Quavers in the UK at the moment.

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Let’s fucking party!

Seems about right.

I was thinking about Quavers the other day whilst eating a pack of Nik Naks, I would have assumed Quavers would be siblings of Nik Naks along with Wheat Crunchies, Skips and Discos but they actually aren’t.

Yeah… well… I…

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There’s loads in shops though, and there’s loads of shops that sell them. Most of them have probably got shitloads through the back as well.

I myself have at least five in the flat, and I live alone. Extrapolate those numbers across the nation and you’re looking at several hundred million bananas :banana:

That means I need to eat at least 100 bananas this week!

I think I have only had two so far

You’ll get potassium poisoning like Peter Andre did that time.

On a related note, I just checked Google to see what Peter’s up to these days:

Peter Andre, 44, admits ‘it’s hard’ to keep the spark alive in his marriage to Emily MacDonagh, 28, after revealing she REFUSES to be intimate with him

So there you have it.

You don’t think any new ones have arrived in the last twenty minutes?